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Do you have a whirlybird on your roof? No, we’re not talking about helicopters here, but the distinctive-looking turbine-style roof vents that are designed to catch the wind so that the device spins and works without the need for an artificial power source, creating a vacuum that exhausts hot air and humidity out of a building. They look after the durability of your building materials, the temperature within, and improve air quality with nothing more than free wind power – but do you need one of these whirlybird roof vents above your head?

Yes, there are alternatives to a whirlybird roof vent, including:

  • Ridge vents (a hidden gap)
  • Box vents (more visible and with no moving parts)
  • Electrically-powered vents (much more expensive)
  • Gable vents (for long, narrow attic spaces).

Do whirlybirds work? Yes, a roof whirlybird is quite a common roof ventilation system across Brisbane and beyond. But should you give your local Brisbane roof & guttering specialist a call right now to ask about whirlybird roof ventilation for your place? Let’s go through a few factors to consider first.

1. The climate

There are plenty of whirlybird solutions on Brisbane roofs for one good reason – it’s hot and humid. It’s an effective way to get rid of that excess heat and moisture from building up in the roof space and damaging the roofing materials.

2. The roof size

If your home – and therefore roof – is reasonably sized, whirlybirds are worth the fairly small cost of buying the part and getting it professionally installed because it will do a good job of ventilating that smaller space. But if we’re talking about a massive roof, your expert specialist may advise either multiple vents of a different style for aesthetic reasons, or even a powered alternative.

3. The roof type

Your roofing expert may also advise against a whirlybird for a flat roof – and not just because that can look quite odd or unsightly. With low-pitch or flat roofs, the vacuum effect created by the device may not be very effective. Rather, they are designed for normally sloped or pitched roofs.

4. The roof condition

If your roof is particularly old, there are a couple of reasons why you might think twice about getting a whirly bird on the roof at your place. Firstly, if you’re going to get the roof re-done at some point anyway, you may be able to skip the expense. And secondly, if the roof materials are already damaged or very much in the ageing process, the installation cost can be quite a bit higher due to necessary repairs or reinforcement.

5. The cost savings

But if your roof ticks every box, whirlybird roof vents and installation are actually extremely inexpensive – and once installed, it’s the free power of the wind that does the work rather than your already-hefty power bill. You’ll probably then get the extra benefit of lower air conditioning costs in summer because the roof space temperature is already under control.

Need a whirlybird vent? Give us a call

So, what’s the verdict – should you get a whirlybird roof vent installed above your head? To get a fully-personalised answer, why not give the friendly specialists at Gutter Replacement Brisbane a call? We’ve installed our fair share of roof whirlybird solutions all over the local region and suburbs including Ashgrove, Paddington, Mitchelton, Toowong, South Brisbane, Bardon, Everton Park, Taringa and beyond. If we determine that it’s not right for your property or situation then we’ll tailor the perfect alternative solution for your budget & needs. For fully-guaranteed workmanship, upfront pricing and a smile every single time, give Gutter Replacement Brisbane a try today.