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Don’t take your gutters and downpipes for granted – or you could be in for a wet, damaging, leaky – and very expensive – mess. Sure, local council insists that your roof plumbing and full stormwater system are both compliant but able to efficiently manage drainage on your property, even in a freak storm. But the only thing standing between all those millions of litres of water and a leak or deep pools of standing water are your roof plumbing, gutters & downpipes. So how much do you know about downpipe spreaders?

Even if you Google it, you’re not going to find out too much about this not-often-talked-about but so-often-indispensable bit of plumbing kit. And if you have a two-storey home, you may have a roof spreader or more already doing their thing – or your need for a spreader downpipe might be urgent.

What is a downpipe spreader, anyway?

The reason you won’t find too much on the internet about the common and trusty downpipe spreader is that it’s basically just a short length of downpipe – with a critical difference. Whether it’s a pre-fabricated bespoke gutter spreader or your friendly local guttering specialist has fashioned one for themselves, the critical difference between a normal downpipe length and a downpipe spreader is the slots, holes or openings.

Although you could lay a spreader downpipe at ground level for various useful reasons, it’s normally the way that your multi-storey home’s roof plumbing system better or more evenly distributes the flow of stormwater on its journey from the sky to the stormwater drain. Without one, overflows may be more likely or even commonplace.

How downpipe spreaders work

As we’ve just mentioned, the most effective illustration of how a downpipe spreader works is to apply it to a two or multiple-storey property’s roof drainage system. It works like this:

1. Water hits upper roof

As it rains, water flows from the roof into the gutters on the upper floor and into the downpipes.

2. Downpipes don’t go to ground level

But rather than those downpipes always heading straight for ground level as is always the case with a single-storey property, the water instead exits on the lower-level storey’s roof level – not ground level.

3. Downpipe spreader does its thing

Now the role of the downpipe spreader takes centre stage. As touched upon earlier, the difference between a regular length of downpipe and a downpipe spreader is the holes, gaps, slots or other openings in the side of the downpipe. The spreader is then normally sealed at the extreme end of the length of the pipe, forcing the water to exit through the various gaps.

4. The slots are ideally spaced

If you’re fashioning your own downpipe spreaders, the gaps should be spaced as per the corresponding spacing of the surface they are exiting to. For instance, for a corrugated roof, the gaps should evenly exit within the channel of each corrugation – or every corrugation that makes the most efficient sense based on where you’re trying to channel that exiting stormwater.

5. Gutters are the destination

Although you could use downpipe spreaders at ground level, they’re very commonly required on middle storeys in multi-level properties – and just about always required where downpipes deliver water from the uppermost floor to a lower level. In that case, bear in mind that the role of downpipe spreaders in two-story homes is simply to get the water from that upper floor to the gutters on the next-highest storey – a verandah, for instance.

In a nutshell, a downpipe spreader is:

  • Sealed at both ends
  • Joined to a downpipe at a right angle
  • Characterised by holes/openings in the sealed pipe
  • Designed to divide a downpipe’s maximum catchment to involve lower-level storey drainage
  • Recommended for every exiting downpipe on a non-ground middle storey.

Need pro help with your downpipe spreaders?

Don’t forget, your property’s roof plumbing, gutters, downpipes and stormwater accessories are your first and last line of defence against hazardous drainage problems and leaks. Having trouble or need a bit of professional help? The specialists at Gutter Replacement Brisbane are ready to assist!

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