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If you’re a normal person and you’re just doing your usual rounds with a spot of DIY home maintenance, cleaning gutters is no mystery to you. Grab the ladder, pull on the gloves, and start scooping that gutter gunk out. But what if you’ve been putting off getting those gutters cleaned because you absolutely hate climbing a ladder?

First up, you’re not alone – and you’re right to be worried. Every year in Australia, there are an eye-watering 4000+ ladder-related injuries – and about 5 of them actually die in those falls. The vast majority, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, were doing simple home maintenance – like cleaning roof gutters. But even though we know it’s a risk, we do it anyway – because the alternative is clogged gutters & downpipes, stormwater spillover, and potential foundation and structural damage.

3 ways to clean gutters from ground level

The good news is that you can actually clean roof gutters from ground level – meaning you don’t even need to put your hands anywhere near those spiders nesting in secret or risk your life up a ladder:

1. Leaf blower

We’ll start by reminding you that all of the following methods can also be done with a ladder. How to clear gutter gunk with a leaf blower from ground level? You’ll just need an extension for that blower – which will cost you less than $100. It’s simply a long extension with a curved end that hooks into the gutter while you stand safely on the ground. Hit the trigger and then get the broom once you’re done cleaning up the mess.

TIP: Wear a hat and eye protection.

2. Vacuum

We should caution that you shouldn’t use your indoor dry vacuum because we’re not dealing with a dry, clean gutter here – but a wet, soggy one. With a wet/dry vacuum, though, it’s easy to grab a very cheap extension hose and then choose whether to suck up the gunk or flip the switch and blow it all to the ground.

TIP: Be aware that heavy debris like sticks may get stuck in the hose or fail to be dislodged at all.

3. Garden hose

Learning how to clear gutters with a garden hose simply couldn’t be easier. Just get the end of the hose in the gutters and crank the tap on to the max! And you can make the job even easier by buying a special gutter cleaning extension pole for your hose – the best ones are expandable, have clever 300-degree rotating spray heads and are designed to mimic a high-pressure hose with a flat spray nozzle end.

TIP: A pressure washer is even more effective, and gutter extensions are also available.

Prefer a professional for your gutter cleaning?

Did you get those gutters cleaned? At Gutter Replacement Brisbane, we don’t just make light work of cleaning gutters with our safety gear, highly specialised equipment and years of local experience. We also pair our affordable services for clean roof gutters with complimentary and detailed gutter and roof inspections, checking for water, roof plumbing and pest damage as well.

Reclaim your weekend and protect your home by putting your gutter cleaning in the hands of your local roof & gutter professionals right here at Gutter Replacement Brisbane. For guaranteed workmanship, upfront pricing and 24/7 solutions, give our friendly team a shout today.