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If you’re worried about roof damage, there’s more to think about than just the repair costs alone. Whether caused by a lack of maintenance, a major storm, wear and tear, weather and temperature, bad installation, or simply by walking on the roof – perhaps to install solar panels – roof problems can be a serious headache.

Roofing damage can cause:

  • Roof space/attic/ceiling/insulation damage
  • Issues (including health) with mould & mildew
  • Fire hazard from damaged wiring
  • Compromised structural integrity
  • Damage & safety issues for your property & family.

Worse still, there’s much more than a single type of way in which your property can sustain roofing damage, including:

1. Wind

When a windstorm has swept through a town, the news media will always focus on those visibly damaged roofs. It’s in the form of obviously ripped-away tiles or tin sheets, or tears and cracks in the shingles, creating gaps and gaping holes for the rain to pour into.

If wind is a major problem near you, ask about materials with higher wind ratings, and ensure that it’s not bad installation that is the issue when the flags start to wildly flap.

2. Structural

Whether tile, metal or something else, what that roofing material sits on is the basic integral design or structure that provides the necessary support – so damage in this fundamental way is a major problem. It can sometimes be caused by external factors like moisture or fallen branches, with the result of a badly buckling or shifting roof that can require a full roof replacement.

3. Water

Especially in places like Brisbane, water is very often the culprit for roof damage. All that moisture can speed up the growth of mould and therefore structural decay – and the bad news is that the early signs of this sort of damage can be hard to spot until the paint starts to peel on the ceiling. Never delay a leaking roof repair to avoid mounting damage and cost.

4. Flashing

Even with the structure and the tiles fully intact, one of the most damaging and insidious forms of roofing damage is to the flashing. Remember, that flashing is there to protect your roof at its weakest points, including gaps, valleys, the drip line and around chimneys. As a result, it is these areas that can be particularly hammered by water, UV and wind, and are also the most susceptible to poor planning and installation. Make sure that your roof flashing is installed and repaired by a qualified and fully-licensed expert.

5. Gutters

Remember, your gutters and downpipes are an integral part of your overall roof – which is why you clean them so often so gravity doesn’t put the stormwater where mess and damage can be significant. Over time, simple wear and tear will certainly be enough to require you to pay attention to your gutters, including the ways in which they’re attached to the roof structure itself.

Ask Brisbane’s best for a roof inspection

Luckily, regular roof inspections, maintenance and timely repairs will be enough to spot roof problems of this nature before they really ruin your day and bank balance. In the worst situations, though, full roof replacement can be the only solution – and that’s certainly not cheap. The answer? Keep a close eye on your roof, paying particular attention to:

  • Tile/tin integrity
  • Leaks
  • Signs of water damage
  • Rust
  • Overflowing gutters.

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