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They may seem simple – because they are. But your gutters are actually one of your home’s hardest-working and most critical features. It’s tempting to think that a little rain runoff from your roof won’t cause much grief, but over time even the structural integrity of your very foundations will be at risk if your gutters aren’t coping with the workload. And believe it or not, our feathered friends are not on our side at all. Today, we’re talking about the importance of bird proofing gutters.

Why is gutter bird proofing important?

Who doesn’t love watching birds flap about when chilling out at home? However, if they decide to set up a nest in your gutters, making use of the safe location and all of that typical gutter debris, clogs, leaks & damage are in your future:

  • Nest debris including twigs & sticks clogs up gutters
  • Nests cause pooling gutter water
  • Nests increase the risk of fire
  • Pooling water breeds mosquitoes and other pests
  • The extra weight worsens gutter sagging/deterioration
  • The acidity in bird droppings eats away at gutter surfaces
  • Uncontrolled roof drainage can lead to the need for fascia repair and internal leak damage.

What’s the solution? If you’re struggling with finding time to regularly check your gutters for nests, or you’re uncomfortable with the idea of removing one, it could be time to consider installing a bird gutter guard system. And the best thing about bird proofing your roof with gutter guards is that keeping our featured friends away isn’t the only benefit:

The benefits of bird proofing your gutters

Although they come in slightly different varieties, styles and materials, gutter guards are basically just a device that neatly fits into your gutters that will give birds nowhere to hunker down and make their nests.

Your bird gutter guard will also:

1. Prevent other gutter debris

Those birds are most likely to call your gutters home because of the debris that is already there, including leaves and twigs. With effective gutter guards in place, there will be no attractive debris to make a nest out of.

2. Prevent gutter blockages

Once those birdies are calling your gutters home, that’s just another big mass of debris to clog them up. And blocked gutters and downpipes aren’t just a nuisance to clean out, they also lead to:

  • Foundation erosion, cracks & other damage
  • Sagging, bending, dislodged & overweight gutters
  • Internal leaks, causing wall, ceiling & property damage
  • Rotting roof fascia boards requiring repairs
  • Insect infestations.

3. Less (or no) gutter maintenance

Who loves cleaning out their gutters? Answer: nobody! It either seems like a waste of your precious weekend, or an unnecessary cost when asking the professionals to do it for us. With gutter guards, you can get away with not even looking at your gutters for years and years at a time.

4. Improved safety

You’re not going to clean out those gutters by keeping your feet on the ground, are you? It requires climbing up ladders, which even in the most controlled of situations is dangerous for many people. Now consider that effective gutter cleaning means accessing every square inch of those gutters all around your roofline, which is hardly ever safe terrain for ladders across the board.

Thinking about bird proofing your roof & gutters?

Does professionally bird proofing gutters sound like a wise idea for your precious home and investment? Have birds already done some damage to your gutters or fascia that now require swift repairs? Need a friendly and experienced roof plumber to clean your gutters and carry out other critical maintenance? No matter what you’re looking for, the experienced team at Gutter Replacement Brisbane can help, so get in touch to find out more.