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Have you heard someone raving about their standing seam metal roof – and have no idea what it is? You’ve undoubtedly seen plenty of them here and there, particularly as the popularity of a metal standing seam roof soared due to its instantly-recognisable modern look in the last few years. Think of it like a corrugated iron roof – but classier, contemporary and better performing!

What does standing seam even mean?

Basically, we’re talking about the standing seam panels rather than a particular roof design or style. They can even be used as wall cladding, and are notable for their 100% weather-tight seals, concealed fasteners, durability, and a shopping list of benefits when compared to traditional galvanised iron or zincalume. Perfect at just about any pitch, easy & affordable to install, modern and seamless appearance, design flexibility and more, a standing seam metal roof may be exactly the right choice for your next roofing project.

Not convinced yet? How about this run-down of benefits of standing seem for your roof:

1. Weather-tight

Did you know a 100% weather-tight roofing solution is actually extraordinarily rare? Standing seam metal benefits from its special vertical ridge/lip design that are machine crimped for a seal that no deluge of rain can penetrate, making it resistant to water-type roof damage. And the best bit? The fasteners are totally concealed and use clips rather than holes, eliminating any potential leak points.

2. Long-lasting

Long-lasting yes, but we’re even tempted to say that once your standing seam roof is installed, it will basically last forever – or certainly multiple decades. That’s even the case if it’s regularly going to be exposed to extreme winds.

3. Curb appeal

When you spot standing seam roofing, you’ll instantly notice the difference. Sure, how good a roofing solution looks is pretty subjective, but you can hardly argue that it’s not modern, clean, sleek and seamless.

4. Fire-resistant

Sometimes, you’ll see on the news some footage of a suburb or street after a bushfire has raged its way through – and there’s a single roof that is still totally intact. Investing in a metal standing seam roof with a Class A fire rating gives you the best chance of being the ‘lucky’ one.

5. Low maintenance

You won’t need to worry about servicing those fasteners – because they’re safely tucked away out of the weather. Remember, it’s the washers and screws that so often need replacing with an ageing roof, so that’s not at all a concern with a standing seam metal roof. The panels also won’t expand and contract, although we still recommend you get a roof inspection done now and then.

6. Colour choices

The beauty of those standing seam metal roofing panels is that they can come in just about any style and colour that the manufacturer decides to produce.

7. Energy efficient

How can a standing seam roof be more energy efficient than other roofing styles? Because they’re renowned for superior solar reflectance, meaning they typically test at lower temperatures than competitor roofing materials – and we’re talking a dozen or more degrees C on a super-hot day.

8. Any pitch

Without getting too technical, your roof plumber may tell you that the basic style you’re going for may not be possible with extremely low roof pitches. But because of the mechanical fastening of a standing seam roof, it’ll be just fine with a pitch as low as 0.5″.

Don’t cut corners with your standing seam roof

Are you considering a metal standing seam roof for your next project? Be aware that if there is a downside to standing seam metal roofing, it’s that it will only deliver all of the benefits listed above if a highly skilled roofing expert has done the job for you. Luckily, our team can do your roof replacement in Brisbane with any style whatsoever – including metal standing seam! For quality materials, 100% guaranteed workmanship and the most competitive pricing Brisbane-wide, get in touch with Gutter Replacement Brisbane today.