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Did you know your gutters are your home or premises’ first line of defence against water damage? But those gutters also prevent soil erosion around the foundations & landscaping, they keep your internal ceilings and walls dry, and they add beauty to your home exterior and ramp up your re-sale value & street appeal. So with all that said, are you aware of all the various types of gutters Australia wide?

The biggest difference between all of the various types of roof gutters in Brisbane & beyond is in the gutter profiles. The different gutter profiles are a reference to the basic shape & design of that gutter. For instance:

  • Overflowing gutters?: You need to browse options for gutter profiles that carry higher water volumes.
  • Leaks inside your home?: You may need the types of roof gutters with added design protections such as slots that enable controlled overflowing.
  • Gutters constantly blocked?: If your gutters are constantly being clogged up by falling leaves and debris, there are different types of gutters with profile shapes that are effectively self-cleaning. Gutter guard installation is another option.
  • Tackling fascia damage?: Sometimes, water will collect behind your gutters, causing damage to roof fascias and trusses and requiring specific gutter profiles and professional installation.

Gutter profiles Australia – Which do you need?

Before we dive into the various & diverse gutter profiles Australia wide, you should only ever get professional and fully-licensed roof plumbers to provide personalised advice and handle the supply, replacement, installation and certification of your new gutters. They have the skills, experience, specialised tools and in-depth know-how to get the gutter material, style, profile and protection you seek for your home or premises.

Which of these most common guttering profiles are right for you?:

1. Box gutter profiles

These popular gutter profiles are box or rectangular-shaped, and also ‘boxed in’ on every side. It’s also well-described by some of its other names including internal gutter or trough gutter, but while looking slick and integrated they can be prone to clogging.

box gutter profiles

2. Eave/fascia gutter profiles

Close your eyes, and think of a typical roof gutter. You’re almost certainly thinking of the square-profiled eave, eaves or fascia gutter, meaning it’s fixed to the fascia or eave as per most of the homes on your Brisbane street.

fascia repair replacement

3. Quad gutter profiles

Classic, easily integrated with older-style homes but also common with newer constructions, the familiar quad gutter is available in a wide range of sizes and can include overflow slots. Some roof plumbers call them ‘D’ gutters because of the shape, with slightly different profiles available such as ones with higher edges to hide tile edges.

quad gutter profiles

4. Round gutter profiles

Forget the square, box or D-profiled gutters, the half-round gutter has a C or U-shape with a curved base that is well known for being the most effective for self-cleaning. This modern profile is also recommended for homes requiring higher rainfall-carrying capacity for their drainage system.

half round style gutter

So which of the various types of roof gutters & profiles do you have your eye on? At Gutter Replacement Brisbane, we recommend steel Colorbond gutter profiles with their famous five-layer system and huge range of styles, sizes and profiles that could last you decades. And Stratco gutter profiles are arguably even more diverse, as you add profiles including edge, C-Square, HK, quarter-round and the whopper ‘OG Big One’ that can handle any Brisbane storm.

Explore guttering profiles with Brisbane’s best

Do you need Brisbane’s most reliable gutter replacement experts to pay you a visit? There’s nothing more important than the roof over your family’s heads, so make sure it has the style and performance you require by giving the experienced and licensed roof & guttering specialists at Gutter Replacement Brisbane a shout today.