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Roof Flashing Repair & Installation

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Roof Flashing Repair & Installation

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Roof Flashing – The Hidden Gem Of Your Stormwater Systems

How often do you think about your roof flashing? Are you even 100% sure you know what it is? Because every single part of your home’s stormwater system works together with the other components to protect your investment and lifestyle protected, it’s crucial to keep tabs on the condition of your roof flashing and on top of all your roof flashing repair and installation needs. With Gutter Replacement Brisbane, we’ve got you covered.

roof flashing repair and installation

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Don’t Forget About Your Roof Flashing

Even a minor problem, leak, blockage or installation issue can disturb the flow of water from the top of your roof to the start of the community drainage system. When something goes wrong, you’re exposed to the risks of seepage, damage to your home’s internals and even your foundations – and other potential problems like water stagnation and unhealthy pest infestations including mosquitoes.

So as you consider your gutters, downpipes, drains and landscaping, don’t overlook an often-forgotten but no less important part of your stormwater at home – your roof flashing.

What Is Roof Flashing?

If you’re like most people, you don’t give a lot of thought to your roof, cleaning gutters & downpipes, let alone your roof flashing. In fact, roof flashing isn’t even in most people’s plumbing vocabulary, but it’s a component that keeps out rot, mould and prevents structural damage. What is it, precisely? It’s a design element build into your roof’s structure for the purpose of waterproofing, ensuring all those joins, gaps and weaknesses don’t become entry points for damaging moisture.

However, keeping that roof flashing in completely tip-top, water-proof shape can be difficult – just as ensuring any reliable seal whatsoever is too. Roof flashing can be even more challenging, though, as roof intersections are prone to movement, contraction and expansion with the weather, seasons and time.

Strips of roof flashing are most noticeable around your:

  • Chimneys
  • Roof edges
  • Skylights
  • Roof structures, ridges, eaves, valleys, intersections.


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Need A Fast & Affordable Roof Flashing Repair?

Over time, even correctly-installed roof flashing made of the highest quality materials like aluminium and galvanised steel rust, work loose, deteriorate and corrode. When that happens, your roof’s first line of defence against water penetration is seriously compromised.

Do you need your roof flashing inspected, serviced or repaired? Only by relying on experienced, trained and professionally accredited Brisbane roof plumbers and stormwater specialists will ensure every millimetre of your roof flashing is secure, intact and doing its job perfectly.

Have you noticed:

  • Internal leaks?
  • Visibly damaged flashing?
  • Staining on walls & ceilings?
  • Water damage signs on exterior walls
  • Moisture in normally-dry areas?
  • Mould?
  • Rust/corrosion?
  • Bent, cracked, dented, missing flashing?

Call Us For Professional Roof Flashing Installation

Even minor damage, like a seemingly insignificant bend, crack or dent, can compromise its effectiveness or ramp up the risk of totally dislodgement. The skilled, well-presented and friendly roof & guttering team at Gutter Replacement Brisbane can even professionally replace and install entire roof flashing systems, giving you peace of mind that we’re not just patching up a problem but minimising the potential of future repairs or problems.

We have the knowledge, hands-on experience and all the best products, materials, equipment and tools to implement fast & affordable roof flashing repair and installation services and back it all up with a lifetime workmanship guarantee. Don’t expose your home to the unacceptable risk of devastating water damage and wider stormwater and drainage problems, and instead keep your roof flashing in top shape all year round by giving Gutter Replacement Brisbane a call today.

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