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We all know how important keeping our gutters clean & clear is – but did you know that your downpipes are arguably even more important? After all, it doesn’t matter how well you’ve looked after your gutters if that stormwater then has no way to efficiently head ‘south’ into your drainage system because of a blocked downpipe.

So with so much rain falling on Australia lately – especially in our beautiful city of Brisbane and elsewhere in Queensland and beyond – what should we all know about how to clean downpipes so that they’re always working well? And what should we know about how to clean downpipes to avoid having to make a call to your local roof plumber?

Luckily, becoming an at-home amateur downpipe cleaner really isn’t hard at all. Here’s how:

1. Safety first

To effectively address a blocked downpipe, you’ll probably have to leave ground level. Therefore, when your feet no longer touch the ground, the best solution is to at least have a friend or family member watching what you’re doing.

It’s also a great idea to:

  • Wear protective gloves to guard against cuts and spider bites
  • Use an approved, well-maintained ladder

2. Blocked downpipe check

In many cases, you’ll notice roof plumbing issues involving your gutters and downpipes after a torrential downpour or storm. By then it’s too late, so the best strategy for how to clean downpipes is by testing and cleaning them pre-emptively.

Luckily, that’s easy to do – simply spray a garden hose into the top of each downpipe to see if they’re blocked or impeded.

3. How to unblock downpipes

If your test reveals a blocked downpipe, some more work with that garden hose – cranked up to the max – may be enough to break up the blockage. It’s probably just storm debris like twigs and leaves and other gutter gunk, so if the hose itself isn’t working, try using a broom handle or a special drain rod to dislodge the more stubborn stuff.

How did you go? If you’ve made no progress, there are still a few things the DIY downpipe cleaner can try:

  • Bang on the downpipe with a rubber mallet
  • Try a wet-dry gutter vacuum
  • Try some drain-clearing chemicals (with care)
  • Dismantle the downpipe.

Say goodbye to your blocked downpipe

If you’re still having trouble, your local gutter cleaning experts here at Gutter Replacement Brisbane use a range of highly specialised tools to help keep your gutters & downpipes in tip-top shape. From motorised augers to ultra-high pressure hot water jetters to CCTV drain camera technology and beyond, we combine our skills, qualifications and experience to get your downpipes clear with our workmanship guarantee.

So don’t lose your cool whilst figuring out how to unblock downpipes, and instead let the friendly team at Gutter Replacement Brisbane take care of it for you. Give us a call today.